7 Tools That Your Clients Will Love for at Home Extension Care


As a stylist, it’s important to take the time to speak with our clients about at-home extension care. We can reduce the times they return to our chair for maintenance and help them ensure their extensions last the intended amount of time by educating them properly. 

💖 Check out our guide on making at-home extension care a breeze for clients!


Babe Extensions Brush

Our brushes are designed with extensions in mind. No matter the method, they must all be frequently brushed for them to last. While other brushes put unnecessary strain on extensions and bonds, this brush is made with both nylon and 100% boar hair bristles. Boar hair bristles work wonders for hair by gently detangling near bonds and increasing blood flow to the scalp, which aids in healthy hair growth. It also evenly distributes the scalp’s natural oils from roots to ends, prevents matting and premature breakage, and traps excess product buildup in the brush. 

Make sure that you are not only suggesting the right tools, but demonstrating the correct way to brush extensions. We recommend starting by removing any large knots from the ends of hair. From here, it is essential that you instruct them to gently brush the area where the extensions are bonded to the hair. Start from the bond and gently work down to the ends of the hair. Repeat until all hair is thoroughly brushed.  

✨Available in regular size and travel

Maintenance Kit

We have created a Maintenance Kit full of tools that help clients care for their new extensions. This is an excellent opportunity to speak to them about what else Babe has to offer and the importance of each tool in this kit. 

 The Kit Includes:

  • Maintenance Instruction Card
    • Full of valuable information that will guide them on aftercare at home. 
  • Babe Extension Brush
    • Made for extensions with nylon and 100% boar hair bristles. 
  • Shower Cap
    • Keep hair dry and shower in style!
  • Silk Hair Scrunchie
    • Best for tying hair up without creating creases and preventing breakage. 
  • Babe Rhinestone Clips
    • A perfect accent piece for any style with Babe extensions!
  • Babe Beauty Bag
    • Conveniently store all aftercare tools in this stylish bag, perfect for on-the-go!  

✨Blogs made specifically for extension care can be easily accessed by scanning the QR code on the instruction notecard in their Maintenance Kit. 

Helpful Reminders 

Lastly, be sure to include helpful reminders during their appointment that they may not find in their kit. Educating them on safe ways to wear hair while sleeping or how frequently to wash their hair are both valuable tips. For extra guidance from our pros, you can direct them to our website, where they can continue to learn even while away from the salon. 

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