Micro Bond Like a Pro

Micro-bonding is a customized fusion technique that is great for fine or thinning hair. We have created a guide on how to create custom micro bonds and find the correct placement. 

Cutting Your Bonds 

Use the small line on the bottom of the bond as your guide. Go in at a horizontal with your fusion bond cutters and cut your bond about halfway down. After removing the top of the bond, use your cutting tool again and cut vertically along the crease in the center of the bond to create a half bond. Repeat this step on both halves, creating 4 micro bonds. This will give you much smaller bonds, creating a less noticeable bond than if it were full size!


Placing Your Bonds

Micro bonds are great to use on fine or thinning hair because you are able to customize the size of each one. Small pieces give you the ability to place them strategically and create solutions for target areas that are thin or may even be balding.

Micro bonds are also great for placing around the hairline. Most times, it is hard to conceal a larger bond as you get closer to the hairline. Clip off both points on the top left and right of the bond to create one point in the center. This will help the bond diffuse more at the top, creating a virtually invisible look. 

*Be sure that when installing the bonds, you are matching the density of the extension strand with the same density of the client’s natural hair you will be attaching it to!

Color Matching

Color matching with micro bonds is a bit different than regular color matching. You want to be sure to match the color of the bond to the same color at the base of the client's hair. Typically we are creating solutions for thinning hair, which means the top of the strand will be more visible than most and mainly at the top of the head. 

*Create custom blends of two or more colors with your micro bonds to perfectly match the hair color you are working with!

Key Takeaways 

Using these tips will help create more hair solutions for your clients. We want everyone to feel confident, and using these techniques will create an easier way to conceal those tricky areas that are often people’s biggest insecurities. When we help clients feel better about themselves, we create lasting business relationships that are built on trust. Let’s keep inspiring each other to find new and unique solutions for every client!


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