How To Create a Precise Color Match

Successfully color match your client every. single. time. 

As a stylist, finding the right color for your client can be challenging. Our educators at Babe have created an expert guide on how to create a flawless and precise match every time. 


Before starting a color match, you want to be prepared with the right tools. Grab your color ring! It is crucial to get this tool to accurately represent what each color looks like in person, which can be different than what you see online. 

It is generally best to use 2-3 different shades to match each client correctly, so be sure that you are stocked and have your color ring ready. 

🌈 Our Babe Color Ring holds many hair extension samples made from our high-quality, 100% human Remy hair, so you’ll feel confident that you’re choosing the right color. 

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You want to use the best lighting possible in order to get the closest match. We recommend doing this in an area with bright overhead lights or near windows. 

☀️Natural lighting is always the best option for the most accurate results!


A color match made in heaven! @cosmeticsbykyliee created a seamless and natural color match to elevate her client’s hair to the next level using Babe Extensions. Love! 💛


When you have decided on a few colors closest to their shade, fan out the color swatch completely when comparing it against their hair. This will more accurately represent what it will look like when installed. Carefully separate layers to make sure you are considering every shade when assessing. 

☝️It is best to color match the ends of their hair if your goal is to add length. If you notice that the ends are lighter, you need to color match those and use two colors to create a perfect gradient that blends seamlessly.

We are absolutely obsessed with this custom blend, and perfect color match is done by @Mandys_art using Babe Extensions! ❤️‍🔥


If your client wants an ombre look, finding a swatch that matches their natural root is best. Doing this ensures that even after the hair begins to grow out, it will still look natural. After finding the right shade for the root, you will need a few colors to create the ombre blend. 

🌟 It is also helpful to tone any custom color before installation so you can maintain the accuracy of your ombre. 


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