Which Method is Which?  How to Choose the Right Extensions for Your Clients

Which Method is Which? How to Choose the Right Extensions for Your Clients

We know there are endless possibilities when it comes to hair extensions and that’s why we love them so much! However, most clients aren’t aware of how much flexibility they can have with them. Babe offers a variety of hair extension methods so you can choose the one that’s right for you and your client’s hair type. All of our methods are safe on hair and made with 100% human remy hair. Let’s learn more about each method in more detail.

Beaded Methods
Many stylists love beaded extensions because the bead does all the work. Beaded extensions are really easy to adjust and tighten, plus they offer flexibility. Each strand has 360 degree movement making styling easy. They’re also ideal for humid, wet climates. To start offering beaded extensions in your salon, complete our Beaded Certification here!

Babe was one of the first to offer the I-Tip method. Since inception, I-Tip has retained its comfortable, natural flare allowing clients to enjoy extensions without the hassle of heat, glue, or tape to install. This means no chance of damage to the client’s hair! Instead, I-Tip is installed with tiny hair-colored beads that crimp flat against the extension and natural hair strand holding them together. For stylists, I-Tip is considered the easiest professional method to remove and reinstall. There’s no mess - just beautiful, full-bodied hair. To learn more about I-Tip, click here.

Flat-Tip is a more recent method and its magic comes from it’s blending capabilities as it essentially blends all the best parts of I-Tip and Tape-In methods, producing the safest, swiftest, most flowy finish you could imagine. Flat-Tip features a flat extension weft tipped with the classic I-Tip “shoelace” head (better known as aglet) and is attached to the hair in the same way as I-Tip - with a bunch of beautifully blended beads. To learn more about Flat-Tip, click here.

Fusion is the longest-standing extension method Babe offers and boasts the longest-lasting hold, too. Clients pick Fusion for its security - they know it will stay put in even the most trying extension circumstances. Plus it’s known for its killer camouflage skills. Since Fusion is attached by melting hair-colored keratin protein around the hair and hair extension, the bond blends easily into the keratin background of the client’s natural hair. As a stylist, you’ll enjoy Fusion’s piece-by-piece installation process which results in effortless 360° movement at the turn of your client’s head.

Fusion Extensions are also the most customizable extensions. By using the Fusion Cutter, cutting bonds down to make microbonds is easier than ever and offers innumerable adaptations and are an ideal option for thin-haired clients.

Though Fusion Extensions may take several hours to install, stylists and clients love them because of their extreme lasting hold. Keratin is a natural protein, just like the keratin protein in your own hair. It’s a strand-by-strand method, so it also allows for flexible styling potential. This method is great for an active lifestyle, ponytails, and days at the gym. To start working with Fusion in your salon, click here and get certified!

Tape-In is a popular method due to its revolutionary alternative for finer-haired customers, offering a lighter but still full-looking head of hair. Installation is quick, more streamlined, and clients and stylists often lean towards this method.

Tape-In are installed by taping a weft extension onto the surface of the hair strand, then sandwiching the strand with a second Tape-In weft or piece of Single Sided Tape. More recently, we’ve added Express Replacement Tape and Express Remover to make the installation process EVEN easier! To learn more about Tape-Ins, check out this blog or click here.

The Tape-In Extension can be installed in as little as 30 minutes! Smooth, seamless and super comfortable, the tape-in is great for fine and thin hair or for just adding extra volume. To get going with your very own Tape-In practice, earn your Tape-In certification here!

Sew-In Methods
Sew-In Wefts create volume and length in minutes and only need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks. Because of the beaded track they are installed on, they can be seamless for thin, medium, and thick haired clients depending on the sew-in method you choose. They are comfortable to wear and work well with many hairstyles. Move over tape-ins, sew-ins are becoming the new fav! To start the Sew-In certification process, click here!

Hand-Tied Weft
Hand-Tied Wefts give the flexibility and customization needed for your finer haired clients while giving desired length and volume at the same time. These wefts are actually hand-stitched to create the weft instead of being sewn by a machine - giving the weft it’s signature look and feel. You can customize these wefts; however, if cutting, remember to use weft adhesive to keep it from unraveling. Hand-Tied Wefts are installed by sewing onto a beaded track of silicone beads and can be layered on itself to create more volume. These wefts deliver instant results and long lasting wear. Learn more about Hand-Tied Wefts here.

Machine Sewn Weft
Babe’s newest offering, Machine Sewn Wefts, brings instant length and serious volume, FAST! Like the Hand-Tied Weft, it uses the same installation method of sewing each weft onto a track of silicone beads. However, it differs on how it’s made and what customization features it offers. Machine Sewn Wefts come with three wefts pre-layered together to triple the volume - this will be a great match for your medium to thick haired clients. You can also deconstruct this weft to better fit your client’s natural hair, and because it’s machine sewn, you’ll never need to worry about gluing it since the machine bond is stitched together tightly. To learn more about Machine Sewn wefts, check out this blog or click here.

Ready-to-Wear Methods
Because these two methods are not permanent, they can be worn whenever and taken out at the end of the day. Both Clip-Ins and Crowns are great for clients who want to take a break from professional extensions for a while (like during the summer) or for clients who are considering professional extensions for the first time and want something on a trial basis. A lot of women go to their stylist first to get their Ready-to-Wear hair blended and styled - recommend this to your clients to give their hair a custom look without the commitment. To learn more about Ready-to-Wear Hair, click here!

Ready-to-Wear: Clip-In & Crown
Clip-Ins and Crown Extensions are lovingly called, “Ready-to-Wear,” because clients can put these two methods in their own hair with a snap! Clip-Ins are non-professional extensions that have clips attached to each weft and are layered throughout the client’s hair for a seamless look. Crowns are non-professional extensions that use a thin, clear wire to attach the weft to the crown of the client’s head, allowing for thicker, flowing hair to blend seamlessly without seeing the wire attachment point.

More Customizations? Do Tell!
As you can see, Babe offers different methods of installations for multiple reasons, but did you know you can combine two types of extensions to create a picture perfect finish?

Tape-In + I-Tip/Fusion = WIN!
When using Tape-Ins, many stylists choose to combine them with I-Tip or Fusion extensions. Tape-Ins are great because they add lots of volume, while the tape is still easily hidden. It’s also much quicker to install than Fusion or I-Tip. However, there are those tricky spots on the head (especially on the sides by the ears) where using the strand-by-strand method can work better. And that’s where I-Tip and Fusion can really help you wow your client. I-Tip and Fusion extensions allow you to place strands where you need the flexibility to add hair to improve blending. Depending on the size of the client's head it can be difficult to manage the size of the perimeter you leave around the side of the head. Either you install too much hair or too little hair. Utilizing the smaller Fusion or I-Tip strands gives you much more flexibility to add a sufficient amount of hair to blend naturally but also gives you freedom to leave a perimeter to help hide the bonds.

During your consultation, let your client know they have these options. Now that summer’s coming, we will all start sporting ponytails and braids soon! Combining Fusion or I-Tips with Tape-In extensions can be a great choice for adding maximum length and volume while maintaining a very natural and sleek look.

Now that you know everything there is to know about Babe extension methods, who they’re for, and why we love them, go out and get certified today! Check-out our Deluxe Starter Program that gets you set up with all the tools, certifications and coaching that you need to jump-start your success. Before you know it, you’ll be a master in extensions and offering all the hair solutions mentioned here.

See you soon, Babes!


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