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Fusion Extensions Course with Certification



Dive into all things related to our Fusion Hair Extensions! Segments include: tools, consultation, preparation, installation, blending and styling, aftercare, maintenance and removal.

Our Babe Educator, Kari Fuller, will teach you all about Fusion Extensions and how you can customize them to fit almost every client's hair. Plus, become a pro in how to remove fusion hair extensions safely using the Babe Hair Extensions Tool.

Plan to become an expert in:

BLENDING: Keep your client’s hair soft and looking natural with our four steps to proper blending.

CONSULTATION: Learn how to consult with your clients before installation even begins.

AFTERCARE: Get all the tips & tricks on hair care and extension maintenance, including which products are safe to use on extensions and how to wash, condition and style them properly. Plus, you’ll learn how to remove the extensions safely using the proper tools.


Transform your clients with Babe's hand-crafted, ethically-sourced 100% human remy hair extensions. Stylists and their clients rave about Fusion extensions because they are the most customizable, and can be installed on some of the very finest hair. This ensures your client’s natural hair remains safe and healthy. Our Fusion extensions are installed strand by strand with keratin that is attached to the natural hair for durability, comfort and a seamless blend.

Tools you’ll need (sold separately):

  • Fusion Hair Extensions
  • Melting Connector
  • Protective Discs
  • Fusion Bond Cutters
  • Hair Clips
  • Velcro Hair Gripper
  • Quick Pick Hair Parter
  • Hair Extension Tool (Deluxe is preferred)
  • Fusion Bond Remover (to remove the extensions)
  • Fusion Rebonds (if you plan to re-use the extensions)



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