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Discover New 14-Inch Hybrid Weft Extensions by Babe

After the success of the Ideal Hybrid Weft Extension launch in May 2023, Babe is back yet again with a new offering! For even more versatility to support clients’ unique needs, get to know Babe’s 14-inch hybrid weft extensions 

How Does It Compare To Other Babe Hair Extensions?

As with all Babe hair extension methods, the 14-inch Ideal Hybrid Weft features ethically-sourced, 100% Remy human hair. Unlike other methods, the Ideal Hybrid Weft applies adhesive-free and heat-free—perfect for clients with scalp sensitivities. While some methods suit certain hair types better, the Ideal Hybrid Weft can support clients of all hair densities.  

A type of sew-in weft, the extensions take around two hours to apply and should be readjusted every six to eight weeks, up to three times. For more information on Babe’s extension offerings, check out the Method Compare Chart

Why We Love the 14-Inch Ideal Hybrid Weft

Available in a range of 10 natural and 2 blended shades, the 14-inch Ideal Hybrid Weft helps stylists work extension magic. Check out how you can let your creativity shine with this new addition! 

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1. It's the Best of Our Weft Hair Extensions

Customizable or comfortable? Durable or lightweight? With Babe’s Ideal Hybrid Weft, never compromise on conflicting weft features again. Our hybrid weft extensions take the best qualities of Machine Sewn and Hand-Tied Wefts and wrap them in one package!

While the thin seam of Hand-Tied Wefts allows for more layering, the wefts cannot be customized as easily. And while stylists can cut Machine Sewn Wefts to the exact shape of their client’s head, the wefts’ thickness makes them more difficult to layer.  

Enter the Ideal Hybrid Weft. Strong enough to cut without unraveling or stubborn return hair. Light enough to not weigh clients’ hair down. You really can have it all! 

2. The Polyurethane Material Blends Seamlessly

Featuring the thinnest application design on the market, Babe’s Ideal Hybrid Weft is made of a polyurethane material. Layer extensions with ease, knowing the hair will lay flat on clients’ heads even when stacked.  

3. Cutting Hair Extensions Has Never Been Easier

For clients with smaller head shapes, placing wefts across their scalps can be a challenging maneuver. After all, many sew-in weft extensions unravel when stylists cut the seams and wrapping a weft too close to a clients’ forehead makes for an uncomfortable wear.  

The Ideal Hybrid Weft, however, can be cut to the exact length a client needs. Freely clip the weft seam to match the exact shape of your client’s head without damaging the weft’s integrity. 

4. 14 Inch Hair Extensions Offer Stylists More Versatility

Say goodbye to spending unnecessary money on longer extensions with Babe’s 14-inch Ideal Hybrid Weft option. Falling just around clients’ shoulders, the 14-inch extension creates a natural look for everyday wear, perfect for those transitioning from a short to long style. 

Maybe your client changed their mind mid-appointment and now wants a shorter look. Maybe you underestimated the number of 14-inch extensions needed for a transformation and only have long strands in stock. Life happens, and watching several inches of hair drop to the salon floor is crushing—no matter what led you to this drastic measure. Let the new 14-inch Ideal Hybrid Weft save the day! 

Stylist installing an Ideal Hybrid Weft Extension for a client.

Find the Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair and Thick Hair

Because the Ideal Hybrid Weft takes the best qualities of Babe’s other sew-in weft offerings, the weft gels with all hair types. For clients with fine hair needing a lightweight design or for clients with thick hair needing durability, the Ideal Hybrid Weft works for anyone. 

Experience Our New 14-Inch Hybrid Weft Extensions

After hearing feedback from our community, we introduced this new length option to provide even more options for stylists and clients alike. Our Ideal Hybrid Weft collection spans a range of possibilities, now 14 to 22 inches. Thank you for helping us continue to deliver high-quality products.  

Shop the 14-Inch Ideal Hybrid Weft Extension here 


Professionals in the beauty industry wrote this blog using first-hand stylist experiences. 


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