Your Babe Guide to Everything Clip-In

Your Babe Guide to Everything Clip-In

Babe Clip-In is our mainstay non-professional extension method, and it’s getting an upgrade as part of our new Instant Hair line. Here, we’ll let you in on all the savory details of Clip-In 2.0, including everything you need to know to market these products like a Babe boss in your salon. So let’s get started!

Babe Instant Hair Clip-Ins are made from 100% Human hair, and they undergo the same meticulous, 45-day coloring and conditioning process as our professional methods.

Babe Instant Hair Clip-Ins come in 10-piece sets, including:
- one 9” weft
- one 7” weft
- two 6” wefts
- two 4” wefts
- four 1.5” wefts

They’re available in 3 different lengths and 2 different weight classes (for a total of 6 varieties):
- 16” Standard, 120g
- 16” Deluxe, 140g
- 18” Standard, 120g
- 18” Deluxe, 150g
- 20” Standard, 120g
- 20” Deluxe, 160g

They’re available in 16 different shades, including:
- 1 (Betty)
- 1B (Susie)
- 2 (Sally)
- 3R (Betsy)
- 4 (Maryann)
- 6 (Daisy)
- 6/10 (Eva)
- 8 (Lucy)
- 10 (Ginger)
- 12.600 (Caroline)
- 24 (Cindy)
- 27 (Shirley)
- 27/613 (Bridget)
- 30/33 (Ruby)
- 613 (Marilyn)
- 1001 (Yvonne)

What you should know.
Babe Clip-Ins--and Babe Instant Hair generally--is a great way to market hair extensions to uncertain, indecisive, or disgruntled customers. They involve no commitment, little maintenance compared to professional methods, and much more independence for the individual wearer. Altogether, they’re designed to give the client instant hair gratification, and hopefully pave the way to more permanent methods down the road.

Beyond the value provided to the client, Babe Instant Hair is also worthwhile for stylists and salons as it introduces various upsell opportunities. In addition to the extensions themselves, clients should be provided with coloring and blending services, styling appointments, and ongoing extension-maintenance procedures like deep-conditioning or hot oil treatments. Given that the initial buy-in cost is small, clients are more likely to splurge on additional extension services, which can add up to substantial salon profit over time. We also have an Instant Rewards program to maximize your benefits when using Instant Hair.

Coloring Tips
- Because the hair is 100% Human you may color it to the level of your choosing.
- That being said, you should use the Babe Color Swatch to select the perfect match for your client’s hair from the very beginning.
- When coloring is necessary, stay within 2 shades of the original color.
- Only deposit color--never lift it.
- Use only demi or semi- permanent color.
- Color extensions when they are not installed in the hair to prevent color from getting close to the bonds.
- Always do a strand test first.
- Remember that extensions will process darker, duller, and faster than natural hair. You may need to color them more than once for a lasting effect.

What your client should know.

Install Tips:
- Clean, brush, and dry hair before installing, or apply a dry shampoo or texturizing spray to reduce oil and increase grip. Clip-In hair extensions are designed to stay in place without backcombing the roots before installation, but some women with finer hair may find that this step helps their extensions stay in more securely. For extra grip, twist hair before attaching the clip.
- Part hair in a T-shape, then take the first section at the low occipital.
- Make a horizontal part 2 inches above the nape of the neck. Lift the hair above the part and secure with clips.
- Position one of the six-inch pieces below the part with the clips facing in. Snap the center clip into place, followed by the two outer clips.
- Make another horizontal part one inch above the first row. Lift the hair above the part and secure the hair with clips.
- Position the second six-inch piece below the part. Snap the center clips, then snap the two outer clips into place.
- Make another horizontal part one inch above the second row and secure hair above the part.
- Position the nine-inch piece below the part. Snap the center clips into place, followed by the two outer clips.
- Make another horizontal part one inch above the third row and secure hair above the part. Be careful to avoid any splits in the hair.
- Position the seven-inch piece below the part. Snap the center clips into place, followed by the two outer clips.
- For the sides, place a 1¼-inch clip just above the ear, lining up with the eight-inch piece. This can be positioned closer to the face so that the hair covers the ear, or farther back so that the hair can be tucked behind the ear.
- Make a horizontal part just above the temple, along the crown of the head.
- Place one of the four-inch pieces along this part, securing the first clip about two inches back from the hairline.
- Secure the second clip farther back, and just slightly lower than the first, so that the weft sits just barely at a diagonal. Feel free to place this clip where it’s most needed--a good rule of thumb is to place it in the space between the eight-inch and seven-inch wefts.
- Install a 1¼-inch clip about an inch above the four-inch weft, and roughly three inches back from the hairline.
- Repeat on the other side of the head.
- Total install time should be within 5-15 minutes.

Removal Tips:
- Simply unclip each weft by placing even pressure in the center of the clip while pulling upward from the sides.
- Total removal time should be 2 minutes or less.

Care Tips:

- Use the Hair Extension Brush to brush hair without snagging on the attachments. It distributes the oil from the scalp to the rest of the hair and keeps the extensions tangle-free.
- Brush 1-3 times per day and before washing or wetting hair.
- To brush, hold the weft at the roots with one hand to support the bonds. With the other hand, brush gently, starting at the ends and working up toward the scalp. Always go in a downward direction to preserve the hair’s natural direction.

- Extensions can be washed, curled, blow-dried, straightened, and processed.
- That being said, use a heat protectant, low heat settings, and avoid heat styling and chemicals whenever possible.
- Keep all heat and product away from the bonds. Condition only from the midshaft down.
- Use sulfate-free products, only.
- Use salon-quality products for optimal results.
- Don’t relax or perm the hair--especially the blond hair.

- Wash extensions after every 3-4 uses--no more than 2-3 times per week.
- Use Dry Spray Shampoo to absorb excess oil between washes and keep hair looking and feeling clean.
- Remove extensions before washing them.
- Use sulfate-free products, only.
- Use salon-quality products for optimal results.
- Remember that extensions take longer to dry than ordinary hair.

- Don’t sleep in the extensions.
- Only store the hair once it is fully dry.
- Brush extensions before storing.
- Consider braiding them before storing.
- Store them in the original packaging, or in a bag or box to keep them from getting tangled or dirty.

Color Maintenance
- Do not swim with extensions on. Swimming in salty or chlorinated water with hair extensions on could cause drying and color change due to mineral buildup.
- Be careful not to get any self-tanner on the hair extensions.

For more info on Babe Clip-Ins or other Instant Hair methods, head over to, or visit your local distributor! If you have any questions for us, leave them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!



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