NEW! Quick Change Beads and Anchor

Introducing Babe Quick Change Beads and Anchor

✨ Ultra-easy installs made possible! ✨

Save time with Babe’s NEW Quick Change Tools - no prep needed!?
Yep, you heard us right! 😉
No. Prep. Needed.
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You’re the master when it comes to installs, and we’ve got the tools to keep things running smoothly! We know how busy the life of a stylist is, and we want you to know we have your back! Our team has designed our Quick Change tools to make your life easier and make installs much more efficient for both you and your clients. Say goodbye to chasing beads around the salon or spending extra time loading beads, and hello to the new Quick Change Beads and Anchor. 🤩

The Details

Quick Change Beads are designed with 5 loops of 25 pre-loaded beads, ready for immediate use! Pair with our Quick Change Anchor. Our Quick Change Anchor is a weighted loop tool that holds the bead string in a straight line while you work! No more curling string! 🙌

You’ve Got Options, Babe!

We offer a variety of color options and designs so that you can choose what best suits each of your clients. Choose your design, Flare, Microlock, or Silicone. Then choose from our colors Vanilla, Caramel, Licorice, Milk Chocolate, or Dark Chocolate.
🩷Flare - I-Tip Extensions
🩷Microlock - I-Tip Extensions
🩷Silicone - I-Tip and Weft Extensions

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