Introducing: NEW! Ideal Hybrid Weft

✨ Comfort Without Compromise ✨

The future of extensions is HERE! Babe Extension Expert, Kari Fuller, is here to fill you in on the latest drop! 🤩

It’s time for an upgrade, babe! We took the best features from Hand Tied and Machine Sewn wefts and combined them into one ideal weft.  Our Ideal Hybrid Weft is thin and undetectable for easy layering, but also gives you the ability to fully customize to each client without damaging the integrity of the weft. Uniquely made to go wherever life takes your client! ✨

The Deets

We created a line that allows for customization and creativity - so the choice is all yours!  Ideal Hybrid Weft is available in 18.5” and 22.5” length options, and natural, ombre, and blended shades. Our experts suggest that application time is anywhere between 1.5 to 2 hours, and because our extensions are designed to last, they can be re-used 1-3 times, depending on care. Plus! Installing Ideal Hybrid Weft is similar to our tried and true Sew In wefts, which creates a seamless and easy transition for you!
Let our experts show you the way when it comes to Ideal Hybrid Weft!

The Best of Both Worlds - The Babe Way! 

At Babe, we understand the struggle of trying to create the perfect solution for each client that is also efficient for you. That’s why we spent the extra time necessary to create a weft that covers all of your bases. Ideal Hybrid Weft is great for every hair type and gives you peace of mind knowing that you can customize (no more unraveling when you cut the weft) while still maintaining comfort and ease for the client. 

Say goodbye to…

✖️ Messy glue
✖️ Return hair at the top of the weft
✖️ Shedding/breakage
✖️ Added weight on the scalp 

Say hello to…

🌟 Thinnest polyurethane application design on the market
🌟 The ability to cut wefts to the exact length you need
🌟 Maximum coverage without added weight on the scalp
🌟 Hair that lays flat on the head - even when layered

What are you waiting for?! 

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