Babe To Release New Eyelash Extension Products

Salt Lake City, UT - April 1, 2011 – Babe announced today that they will be adding an eyelash extension line of products to their existing offering of hair extension products and accessories.

“After months of testing and confirming our quality control procedures were in place to introduce such a line we are ready to launch,” noted Derrick Porter, Babe President.

Babe’s eyelash extensions will be offered in a variety of sizes and shapes including: c curl lashes and j curl lashes. Each pack of eyelash extensions will come with 3,000 individual lashes and will be priced at $35 per pack.

These eyelash extensions will be available exclusively through professional distribution and sold only to licensed cosmetologists and estheticians.

In addition to carrying a full in line of eyelash extensions and supplies, Babe will be adding a cutting edge educational course and introductory starter kits. Their goal is to offer an 8 hour hands-on class, certificate of completion, and a full starter kit with enough lashes to do roughly 40 clients. The price point of the education and starter kit will be less than $500.00.

Brandon Hutchins, Marketing Director for Babe, said “We’re excited to offer an additional line of products that will help salon owners and stylists alike add additional revenue to their businesses.” He went on to say, “Our custom eyelash educational courses are proof that Babe is dedicated to seeing stylists succeed. These courses will teach everything someone would need to know to successfully install eyelash extensions and have been priced so that just about everyone can afford to attend."

Babe’s line of eyelash extensions will be launched officially on May 1st, 2011. To find a Babe distributor near you visit


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