Why Sulfates and Hair Extensions Don't Mix

Why Sulfates and Hair Extensions Don't Mix

You’ve probably heard it over and over: only use sulfate-free shampoo on your extensions. But why? What’s so wrong about sulfates? What makes them the criminals of the hair world?

That frothy, white lather that forms when you shampoo or use conditioner comes from sulfates contained in hair products. Bubbles are fun, and they sure do clean your hair.

The problem is that they clean too well. Your scalp produces natural oils that nourish hair, and sulfates wipe out those natural oils. If your hair is too oily, then a some sulfates can help cleanse hair. But if your hair is dry, then sulfates can be irritating to the scalp.

Sulfates aren’t terrible. They don’t cause cancer, and they don’t irritate everyone’s skin. But hair extensions and sulfates just don’t mix.

Babe’s hair extensions are made of 100% human hair. But because the follicles aren’t attached directly to your scalp, they don’t receive the natural oils from your hair. Sulfates will dry out extensions and strip them of their color.

What to look for on the packaging:
Sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, and myreth sulfate are some technical names of sulfates.

There are many hair care options that are sulfate-free. For hair extensions, sulfate-free is the most recommended choice. Talk to your stylist for a recommendation about which type of shampoo and conditioner is best for your hair extensions. Sulfate-free products might not create as much lather in the shower, but they help maintain the integrity of your hair extensions.


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