6 Salon Maintenance Hacks To Transform Your Every Day

We got you, babe! This month, Leah Leong has created an easy-to-follow guide on some secret salon maintenance hacks that will keep your extension business running smoothly! Leah is a national educator for Babe Hair and is backed by years of experience within the beauty industry. 

 #1 Keeping multiple loop tools/needles ready and pre-loaded/threaded will give you a more efficient routine and keep you on track so that you’re ready for every client.
#2 The use of magnets to keep your tools readily available and within arm's reach will be a HUGE help throughout your day. This will alleviate having to step away from the client to get materials, causing you to start over or find where you left off. Magnets are a great addition to your Babe Hair Organizer! Use this to hold needles, Quick Pick, and more!
#3 Get creative! Don’t be afraid to try new tools, even if they aren’t necessarily made for extensions. One of Leah’s favorite tools is a Seam Ripper for sewing. This tool is perfect for deconstructing extensions when you are ready to do a move-up or remove a set of extensions. 
#4 The Babe Fusion Go Belt is your best friend! For extensions that don’t work with the Babe Hair Organizer, this tool is a great addition to your tool kit and will keep any type of extension close by while you work.
#5 Have re-bonds pre-cut and organized for easy access when performing maintenance on Fusion clients! Different sizes allow for ultimate customization.
#6 Surprisingly - a great way to recycle old magazines is to pair the pages with your Express Tape Remover. If you find that you still have residue on your hands after removing Tape-Ins, grab one magazine page and place the sticky area of your hand on it and gently pull away. The magazine page should remove all of the residue!


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