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18" Tape-In Synthetic Practice Hair

*This synthetic practice hair is for installation practice and should only be used on a

mannequin head. Washing or applying heat to the practice hair will cause damage.

Looking for show-stopping salon professional hair extensions? The Tape-In hair extension method is a revolutionary system of installing hair extensions without the use of beads, clips or glues. Practice installing Tape-In hair extensions by placing the hair in between two individual extensions that lay exactly on top of each other. The extensions are gently removed using acetone-free Bond Remover.


  • 10 wefts per pack


  • Application time: 30 minutes - 1 hour
  • 4-6 packs of practice hair extensions recommended for full mannequin head application


Fast: Each Tape-In weft comes pre-taped and requires no tools or heat to apply. Tape-In hair extension installation can take as little as 30 minutes!

No Damage: Tape-In hair extensions are very gentle on natural hair, using a medical grade adhesive specially formulated to attach securely to hair and last between appointments.

Affordable: Crafted with longer strands, Babe Hair Tape-In extensions come with more hair per package. On average, a full head installation requires 4-6 packs of hair.

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