Seamless to the Touch, Natural Looking, and Easy to Install!

Single Sided Tape is especially designed for women with extra fine hair. By using half as many Tape-In wefts, the extensions are gentle on delicate hair. It’s a weightless, smooth solution for a natural look.


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Single Sided Tape Application

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Single Sided Tape Removal

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Single Sided vs. Replacement

Single Sided Tape

Single Sided Tape is a new method of installing Tape-In Extensions that is especially created for thin, fine hair. With it you can only use one Tape-In Weft per section instead of two, which lessens the weight and strain on hair.

  • - For fine and thin hair
  • - Used for first time and reinstallation
  • - Sandwiches the natural hair to a weft


Replacement Tape is used whenever Tape-In Extensions are reapplied. When Tape-In Extensions are applied the first time, the adhesive is include on the weft. However, when the extensions are taken out, they need to have new tape applied. This double-sided tape is placed on the hair extension weft so it can be reused.

  • - For all types of hair
  • - Only used for reinstallation
  • - Is placed on the old hair extension weft

Both are made of the same medical grade adhesive that is formulated for hair. Both come in packs of 48 pieces each, are specially cut for Babe Hair Extensions, and can be removed with Babe’s Tape-In Bond Remover.

Truth About Fine Hair

Why People have Fine Hair
In the hair extensions business, we deal with all types of hair colors and textures, and this means sometimes we meet people with thin hair. There are two basic definitions of thin or fine hair.

  • 1. The first refers to the number of hairs concentrated in an area, usually measured by a square inch. Think about a scalp, and then think about all the little tiny hairs poking out of it. If you were to measure a square inch swatch of that scalp, someone with fine hair would literally have fewer little hair follicles in that area than someone with thick hair.
  • 2. The second definition of thin hair references the literal circumference or thickness of the hair. Someone can have a lot of hair density, but still have individual hairs relatively thinner than someone with thick hair.


Learn everything you need to know about Single Sided Tape.


Learn everything you need to know about Single Sided Tape!





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