Using Social Media for your Salon/Business

Using Social Media for your Salon/Business

Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram. LinkedIn. Stylists can’t afford to ignore the power and widespread usage of social media. The good news is, it’s great for business. It’s like word of mouth on steroids!

You want your online presence to be a positive place for you clients to get to know you better. For us at Babe, we see Facebook and Twitter as a great way to get into the minds of our customers. What do you like about Babe? What can we improve on? We also love to show you what’s new in the hair extension world. Social media plays an important role in how businesses advertise and provide stellar customer service.

That’s why it’s important to engage with your clients and fans. Social media, is after all, social. Social media is great for giving your customers a “sneak peek” at your work behind the scenes. If you’re offering a deal or promotion on your services, then don’t hesitate to do a big shout-out on your Facebook timeline.

Because hair styling is such a visual thing, photos are your best marketing tool. Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook is a great way to show off your work. Before and after pictures are extremely effective and these platforms are a great way to generate positive exposure.

Once you decide to use social media for your business, make a strategy. Determine your goals for using it, and what you aim to accomplish. Which platforms will you use? How often will you post?

No matter what you choose, try to keep everything work related and professional. However, this doesn’t mean that the stuff you share can’t be fun and friendly.

Social media can do a lot for your salon or business by increasing your exposure and introducing you to potential clients. You may also find that it’s fun!


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