How to have a great consultation - for stylists

How to have a great consultation - for stylists

This the second part in a two-part series about consultations. Last week, we covered consultations from a client’s perspective.

A consultation doesn't have to be long, but it should be informative and inspiring. At the end of the consultation, the client should feel comfortable and excited to get hair extensions.

While you’re discussing the hair extension treatment, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions so you can get a good feel for your client’s expectations and hair health.

Questions you should ask:

“Why do you want hair extensions?” Discover her motives. Is it for length, volume, or both? Does she want streaks of color? This will help you know how much hair to order, and in what length.

“Have you had hair extensions before? If so, what method?”  Maybe she had a bad experience with one method, or maybe she has tried a few and knows exactly what method she wants. If this a first-timer, you’ll need to explain a lot more about how the hair extension process works. If she’s a seasoned pro, you’ll just need to review.

“How long do you want the extensions to be?” She’ll probably tell you in landmarks, not inches. Shoulder length, bra strap length, waist length, etc. You’ll need to know how many inches will get her what she wants.

Ask about medications, hair loss problems, and styling habits. Your client might not even think to bring these issues up, so don’t be afraid to ask. Take notes, too!

Pick a hair color from our color swatch ring. Look at it in a few lights, and make sure your client is alright with your choice. If none of our colors work, you can dye the extensions (read about that here) or use two similar colors interchangeably (read about that here). Any color process she does to her natural hair should be done before you install extensions.

Make sure your client knows what she’ll need to do to care for her extensions once she has them. You can go into the nitty gritty details later, but she’ll need to know what kinds of products she’ll need she she can have time to purchase them if necessary.

Before your client leaves, make sure you’ve agreed on how much the installation is going to cost. Pricing is up to you, but it’s often common to ask your client to pay a deposit inflatable for saleat the consultation that covers at least the cost of the hair.

Schedule the installation appointment with enough time to order the hair. (An we’ll do our best on our end to get the hair to you pronto!)

Take a “before” picture! And after the process is done, take an “after.” This is great for your portfolio and fun for your client. (And we love to see the before and after pictures, too!)

The consultation is a great time to get on the same page and get to know your client. It’s the start of an amazing transformation journey, so make sure to make the most of this valuable appointment with your client.


How to have a great consultation - for clients

How to have a great consultation - for clients

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