Do You Know Every Type of Human Hair Extension?

Do You Know Every Type of Human Hair Extension?

Sometimes things change pretty fast. One minute you’re just a sprout of a company with a couple of tried-and-true extension methods to your name, the next you’re an international presence with proprietary cutting-edge products. Some of you may have been with us throughout these transitions, watching them happen first-hand (if this is you--HUGE thank you!). But some of you may be newer to the club, so allow us to catch you up. Here is what you need to know about each of Babe’s hair extension methods:

I-Tip Pro
This is the one that made it big for us. When Babe I-Tip was first introduced to the market, it was virtually the only hair-health-oriented extension method out there. We’ve come a long way since then, but I-Tip has retained its comfortable, natural flare. Clients love I-Tip because it requires no heat, glue, or tape to install, meaning no chance of damage to the client’s hair. Instead, I-Tip is installed with tiny hair-colored beads that you crimp flat against the extension and natural hair strand (to hold them together).

For stylists, I-Tip (and, by extension, Flat-Tip--but more on that later) is by far the easiest professional method to remove and re-install. There’s no mess with I-Tip extensions--just beautiful, full-bodied hair. To learn more about I-Tip, click here. To start working with I-Tip in your salon, click here and get certified!

Fusion Pro
Fusion is essentially the big sister of the Babe hair pack. It’s the longest-standing extension method that we offer, and it boasts the longest-lasting hold, too. Clients pick Fusion for its security--they know that it’ll stay put in even the most trying extension circumstances--and also for its killer camouflage skills. Since Fusion is attached by melting hair-colored keratin protein around the hair and hair extension, the bond blends easily into the keratin background of the client’s natural hair.

As a stylist, you’ll enjoy Fusion’s piece-by-piece installation process (a trait shared only with I-Tip and Flat-Tip pro) which results in effortless 360° movement at the turn of your client’s head. To learn more about Fusion, click here. To start working with Fusion in your salon, click here and get certified!

Tape-In Pro
It hasn’t been that long since we first introduced Tape-In to our arsenal. At the time, it was a revolutionary alternative for finer-haired customers, offering a lighter but still full-looking head of hair. Tape-In also ushered in the breezy work era, wherein installation is quicker and more streamlined than ever. Hence why clients and stylists alike still can’t get their hands off of it!

Tape-In is installed by taping a weft extension onto the surface of the hair strand, then sandwiching the strand with a second Tape-In weft or piece of Single Sided Tape. To learn more about Tape-In, click here. To get going with your very own Tape-In practice, earn your Tape-In certification here!

Flat-Tip Pro
Flat-Tip is the baby of the professional extension methods, having only been introduced within the past year. Its magic comes from the fact that it blends all the best parts of I-Tip and Tape-In together, producing the safest, swiftest, and most flowy finish you could ask for.

Flat-Tip features a flat extension weft tipped with the classic I-Tip shoelace head (or aglet, if you will). It’s attached to the hair in the same way as I-Tip--with a bunch of beautifully blended beads. To learn more about Flat-Tip, click here. To start utilizing these extensions in your salon, complete the I-Tip certification here!

Clip-In is a non-professional extension offering we’ve had around for quite some time now.’s undergoing some notable changes. Before, if you wanted Clip-Ins, the choice was fairly straightforward: you could either go with a Full Head set or a Single Clip (in the color of your choosing), both in 16” lengths. Now it’s a lot more interesting: choose between 3 different lengths (16”, 18”, or 20”) and 2 different weights per length (Regular or Deluxe) for a total of 6 different Clip-In options. And that’s not even including color! It’s a whole new world out there. Get acquainted with it!

Clip-In is attached to hair via easily-bendable, snappable clips. To learn more about Clip-In, click here. To learn more about Instant Hair--Babe’s removable extension line--click here.

Now that the Instant Hair line has been unleashed upon the Babe Things stage, we’re rolling out all of the stops, including the hot new Crown extension method. The Crown is possibly the easiest hair extension ever, involving only a one-time adjustable wire that fits snugly around your head, and a cascade of hair that falls immediately off of it. All you have to do once you put it on is pull some of your own hair over the wire. We’d say, “it’s a snap,” but it’s not even a snap. It And it’s magnificent.

As with the rest of the Instant Hair line (including our updated Clip-Ins), Babe’s Crown brings consumer preferences and stylist capabilities together in the salon setting for a new kind of connected experience. It’s not so much about the stylist providing the install and removal services, but rather the tailoring and support that spills into everything from coloring and shaping the extensions to treating and styling them for everyday life. No need to wait for your client to come in for a move-up appointment when they’re showing up on their own for a color touch-up or hairstyle update (things that changeable Instant Hair clients tend to look for in a hair care experience).

To learn more about Babe Crown, click here. To read up on Instant Hair and how it can boost your salon business, click here.

Bangs are the accessory extension method, but don’t let that term fool you. These little guys pack a punch when it comes to transforming a look, and they make it happen in absolutely no time. Court your commitment-averse clients with the promise of removable bangs that can be touched up to suit their hair goals and face shape. They can even choose between Doll (straight bangs) and Glam (side bangs) styles.

Babe Bangs are attached to hair via three small clips on a single hair extension piece. For more information about Bangs, click here. To learn even more about Instant Hair--and the Rewards program that goes with it--click here.

We’ll leave it at that for today. Feel free to explore the links provided here to really sink your teeth into all of Babe’s methods. And let us know in the comments which one is your favorite, and why!



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