Babe’s Top Picks from the “Installation” Archives!

Babe’s Top Picks from the “Installation” Archives!

In honor of our September-October Babe Starter Kit announcement, we’ve scoured our “Installation” blog archives and selected some of our all-time favorites! Brush up on your installation know-how, learn a couple of tips and tricks to maximize efficiency, and read our advice for how to tackle some tough hair extension situations. After that, head over to your local distributor to take advantage of our Deluxe Starter Kit ($80 cheaper than purchasing all the tools individually!), plus 50% off Online Education with any Starter Kit purchase--from now on!

To conquer your consultations...
Forget Me Not...During Your Consultation
How Many Hair Extensions Do I Need for a Full Head?
Finding the Perfect Color
Can I Ask for a Down Payment?

To get the most of your tools...
Time-Saving Tips for Extension Appointments
Which Type of Bead Should You Use?
When Two Methods of Hair Extensions Work Better Than One
Be Unique in the Hair Extension Biz with Custom Color

To perfect your installations...
Installation Day No-Nos
Decoding Hair Extension Rules
Babe Hair Stylist Secret: Wash Before Not After…
Getting the Perfect Part
Using Extensions Above the Crown of the Head
How to Install on Curly-Haired Clients

To wrap it all up...
How to Respond to an Unhappy Client
Demonstrating Proper Techniques to Your Clients
Recreating Your Hair Extensions

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