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Explore Babe’s Hair Extension and Lash Extension courses and become the multi-talented stylist you’ve always wanted to be! Our master stylist and director of education, Kari Fuller, will show you how.

Hair Extension Courses
Video segments include: Introduction to tools, consultation, installation, blending and styling, aftercare, maintenance, and removal.

  • I-Tip Education Course

    Our beaded and hybrid methods are popular because of their infinite styling potential. This course will show you how to use the Loop Tool and Hair Extension Tool to attach the pre-tipped extensions to natural hair, how to maintain and remove I-Tip/Flat-Tip extensions, and lots more! (1 hr 44 min)

  • Tape-In Education Course

    This newer method is a showstopper. Tape-Ins can be installed in as little as 30 minutes, and in this course, you’ll learn how to do it like a pro. Cover topics such as: installing, maintaining, and removing the extensions, and more! (1 hr 9 min)

  • Fusion Education Course

    Fusion extensions are long-lasting, good-looking extensions. This course will show you how to achieve the perfect Fusion bond, how to use our Pro Discs and Melting Connector, and even how to create the most seamly parts for a beautiful head of hair (among other things). (1 hr 37 min)

  • The complete online course

    Learn everything hair extensions from A to Z and watch it kickstart your extension career! This package includes all the details from the I-Tip, Tape-In, and Fusion courses, at a more cost-effective price. (4 hr 30 min)

  • Lash Course

    Video segments include: introduction to tools, consultation, installation, aftercare, maintenance, and removal. Comprehensive Lash Extension Course Get an in-depth look at the ins and outs of lash extensions, including how to use them safely and profitably in your salon! This course covers everything from how eyelashes work to the various different styles and looks you can create with lash extensions.

  • Hand Tied Weft Course

    This course will teach you everything you need to know about Hand Tied Weft Extensions. Segments include: tools, consultation, pricing, installation, blending and styling, removal, and aftercare. (1 hr 7 min)

  • Micro Bond Course

    Learn how to install, remove, and maintain beaded hair extensions with the Loop Tool and the Hair Extension Tool. Kari will teach you how to properly customize the fusion bonds using our Micro Bonding technique, explaining the difference between installing and removing Micro Bonds from the client’s hair. (20 min)