Tips on how to brush your hair extensions

Tips on how to brush your hair extensions

For some, brushing seems more like an arm workout than a relaxing self-care activity, especially when you add extensions to the mix. When bonds are holding whole sections of strands together, it’s tough to access the scalp’s natural oils. Without the proper brushing care, the risk of tangling, knotting, breakage, and dry, brittle hair increases.

So how do you brush your hair with ease and keep those gorgeous tresses smooth? The answer is simple...the Babe Extensions Brush! With its nylon and boar bristles, you can glide easily over extension attachments and distribute the scalp’s oils throughout the hair. Plus, it’s the only brush designed specifically to work with all hair extensions.

Once you’ve got the Babe Extensions Brush in your client’s hands, it’s important to stress the brushing technique. Luckily it can be taught to any client with some simple steps, key rules and in-person or virtual demonstration. Take a look at this Babe video below for brushing tips to share with your clients.

How to use the Babe Extensions Brush

  1. Section a portion of hair.
  2. Start brushing in a downward motion at the ends of the hair.
  3. Place your free hand over the attachment points and hold the hair firmly to avoid tugging on the bonds or roots. Work your way through the mid-strand up to the attachment point.
  4. Brush in a downward motion, gently coaxing--not tearing--the knots.
  5. Gradually work upward towards the roots, always brushing in a downward motion.
  6. As you get to the root/attachment point, turn the brush on its side and gently use the nylon bristles to ensure you do not pull or catch the attachment points.
  7. Repeat brushing technique with each row of extensions after sectioning a portion of hair.

The key rules to using the Babe Extensions Brush

    1. Use 100% boar hair bristles on the brush to detangle extensions, unravel knots and spread hydrating oils while gliding smoothly over the attachment points.
    2. Use the extensions brush to gently detangle on damp hair. Section rows and use the brushing techniques recommended above.

      Babe Tip: Avoid using a wet brush or comb to detangle extensions as it may catch or snag them.

  1. Do not aggressively pull the brush throughout the hair as it will cause breakage. Address knots by pulling them apart with your fingers.
  2. Brush hair extensions 2-3 times daily to ensure the oils from your scalp are reaching the extension ends.

Babe’s best practices for brushing extensions

  • Apply anti-frizz spray, leave-in conditioner or other styling products first so that the hair is slightly damp for a silky finish.
  • If you use a blow dryer after a shower, brush the hair in a downward motion as you’re blow drying to produce a smooth finish. Always use a heat protectant beforehand.
  • Use a dry shampoo at the roots to absorb oils and give your hair extra volume.
  • Carry your mini Babe Extensions Brush with you for quick touch-ups. Don’t forget to pack your brush and Maintenance Kit when you travel.

Now that you’re an expert at brushing extensions, make sure all of your clients have a full-size Babe Extensions Brush and the tips for proper maintenance. For keys on how to keep extensions looking fresh, read the Babe blog on how to help your clients maintain their hair extensions at home!

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