How to maintain your hair extensions at home!

How to maintain your hair extensions at home!

The secret’s out: You can be a Babe anytime, anywhere with flawless hair! And in times when you can’t get in to see a hair stylist, you can avoid hair extension disasters and keep them looking seamless. 


Check out these insider tips for maintaining your hair extensions, hiding wefts and bonds, creating DIY hair styles, and achieving #hairgoals at home! No time to read? Watch the video and get our Babe Maintenance Kit which includes a tip card!


Hair Extension Methods

Whether you have Tape-ins, clip-ins, hand tied wefts, or fusion extensions, they all need some TLC during this time. Here’s how to treat your hair extensions at home depending on the method! 

Tape-In and Hand Tied Weft Extensions

These playful hair extensions last six to eight weeks before needing a touch-up. Users swoon for these because the application time is fast—30 minutes to an hour for tape-in and 1.5 - 2 hours for hand tied weft—plus they leave you with thick, voluminous, long hair! 

After eight weeks, you’ll start to feel pressure and irritation on your scalp. The longer you leave them in, the higher chance of hair breakage. A top-notch extension brush followed with these instructions can have you combating your hair struggles in no time!

  • Section hair for prime care. Find the places where your extensions meet the root. Section from the bottom of your hairline and work your way to the top of your head.
  • Brush away the build-up! Now that you’ve sectioned your hair, break out your extension brush! Banish the dreadlocks and matting by working the side of your brush from the scalp down to the weft or tape-in. Brush over the extension to detangle for a seamless look! 

Babe tip: Brush underneath the extension without disturbing the braid from the hand tied weft. Make sure to brush the ends of your hair.  

Fusion, I-tip and Flat-tip extensions 

These methods give you the creative freedom to style your hair the way you want. Why? Because these single-strand extensions are super lightweight! You can have a flawless, seamless look from two to six months depending on your haircare routine! 

You know it’s time for extension removal when your natural hair grabs on to other strands and forms matting and dreadlocks. Follow these simple steps to keep your hair on fleek! 

  • Section hair and brush away! Repeat the same steps mentioned in the tape-in and hand tied weft extensions above. The more matting you find, the more patient you’ll want to be with your brush. Gently work the brush until your hair is detangled. 
  • Pull apart your hair extensions. Single strand hair extensions get lonely the longer they’re in and gravitate toward neighboring extensions. After you section off and brush your hair, pull apart the entangled extensions.
  • Brush again for good measure. Now that your extensions are in place, brush from your scalp to the ends of your hair to maintain their top form! 

How to shampoo your hair extensions 

Shampooing works wonders for your scalp and helps detangle your hair. Remember to shampoo with care. Avoid any rough-housing during the shampoo process so you don’t create more matting or dreadlock action. 

  1. Brush your dry hair. This will make it easier to section and shampoo when you shower. 
  2. Wet and section your hair. 
  3. Put shampoo on your fingertips and gently glide over the scalp and across the top of your extensions. 
  4. Rinse and repeat with the next section. 


The shower aftermath

After your shower routine, what’s next? Little steps can go a long way in maintaining your seamless look. Check out these tried and true tips. 

  • Air dry for the win! Luckily, time is on our side during this corona crisis. When you’re staying in, let your hair air dry. It’s the gentlest way to keep your extensions safe. 
  • Never blow-dry upside down. Go from wet to dry in a flash by blow-drying your hair in a downward motion. Blow-drying upside down is rough on your extensions and frankly, unnecessary. 
  • The brush is your new best friend. Use your trusty extension brush two to three times a day for smooth, luscious locks. 


How to properly sleep with your hair extensions

Do you toss and turn at night? Rest easy knowing your extensions are cared for. Here are some tips to prevent breakage and matting during your slumber. 

  1. Never go to be with your hair wet. Gently blow-dry your hair or air dry before catching some zzz’s. 
  2. Detangle your hair with your extension brush each night. 
  3. Sleep with your hair in a braid or low ponytail. This method keeps your hair extensions from moving and provides that extra bit of comfort. 


How to hide extensions and show off your wow-factor 

When your hair extensions want to make an appearance, cover them up with a signature staple: the low ponytail. It’s a simple, yet versatile style to feel done-up during your days in. 

  1. Put hair into a low ponytail, leaving the front section down.
  2. Separate the front side sections into two parts. 
  3. Add the bottom layer of the side sections to your ponytail. These sections should cover your extensions. 
Babe tip: Wrap your hair with a rubber band each time you add hair to your ponytail.
4. Take the top layer of your side section and create a cute braid to add to your ponytail.
5. Style with accessories. If some of your extensions are peeking through, hide them with a trendy scarf or scrunchie for more flare. 


Survival kit for hair extensions

Hair tools can make or break your haircare experience. Stock up on these must-have tools to bring your daily hair routine to life. 

    • Extensions Brush: Made with natural boar hair and bristles, this brush conditions hair, reduces frizz and tangles, plus prevents matting and breakage. If you’re going to invest in a superstar product, this is the one to go for! 
    • Babe Backpack and Tote Bag: Keep all your tools in one place while repping Babe Hair. It’ll give you more energy to focus on “me-time”!
    • Scrunchies, headbands and scarfs: These hair flare accessories can hide the extension clips and bonds, plus they’re cute to boot!
    • Rubber bands: Small yet powerful, rubber bands give you the freedom to create a showstopper hairstyle! 
    • Sectioning clips: Brush your extensions easier when you pin up sections of your hair. 
But wait, there’s more! Want all the tools you need to maintain your coveted hair--extensions and all? Try our new Babe Hair Maintenance Kit! It features an extensions brush, shower cap, silk scrunchie, styling accessories and more! Check out the video above to learn more!

With more time at home, focus on your haircare! It’ll save your natural locks and your stylist time to reinstall your extensions on your next visit!


Tape-In Hair Extension Basics

Tape-In Hair Extension Basics

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Tape-In Hair Extension Basics

Tape-In Hair Extension Basics