Getting Beach Waves with Hair Extensions

Getting Beach Waves with Hair Extensions

Embrace the warm weather and let your hair down. Especially if you have hair extensions, now is a great time to show off your locks. Babe offers body wave extensions for curly-haired women. But even if your hair is naturally straight, you can rock the just-off-the beach look.

There are two main ways you can ride the wave.

What you’ll need:

A thickening spray or mousse

Hair ties (optional)

Curling iron (optional)

The No Heat Method:

Dampen your hair and add a thickening spray or mousse. Braid your hair in a French braid. If you want tighter curls, make two or three braids. Then sleep on it!

Tip: If your hair is soaking wet, it won’t dry in time. Just make sure it’s slightly damp.

When you wake up take out the braid(s) and gently comb through your hair. Touch up any sections that need a little extra help and spritz on some hairspray


The Heat Method:

After showering, spray your hair with a thickening spray or mousse. Blow up Deluxe Crayon Bouncer dry your hair upside down to get lots of body. Spray on a heat protectant to protect your hair and your hair extensions before curling.

Curl your hair in small sections using a curling wand or crimp it with a 3 barrel waver and spritz with hairspray as you go.

Tip: Make sure to only use products that are free of sulfates. Sea Salt Spray is a popular product for texturizing hair, but using too much can damage and dry out your hair.

What’s great about this style is it’s so versatile and laid back. Not every piece has to be perfect, which makes beach waves a perfect style for summer adventures. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!


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