Step Up Your Toolkit: Express Tape and Express Bond Remover

There are many benefits to using tape-in extensions. Clients and stylists have grown to love them for their convenience and ease of use. Tape-in extensions allow a low maintenance option that provides natural movement. When it’s time for wefts to be moved up, having the right tools is key for an easy and seamless process for both you and your client.

What is Express Tape?

Express Tape is a quick and easily removable hair extension tape that stays put until taken out with our Express Bond Remover. This tape is durable and lasts 5-6 weeks for your client. Stay on track during busy days with Express Tape!

Express Tape is designed for convenience and fits any Babe Hair Extension. This tape leaves less residue on hair, making the process easier for both you and the client. Simply use Express Tape when applying your client’s extensions and pair it with Express Bond Remover upon their return!

How Bond Remover Works.

Express Bond Remover is alcohol based, perfect for quick removal. The bond remover quickly slides tape off of the hair while also clarifying it of any residue. This creates a convenient and easy clarifying process. Reinstall with confidence when you use our Express Bond Remover, Babe!

Key Takeaways.

This product is great for clients that are a regular in your chair and always have their next appointment scheduled. These also work great for clients who love changing their hair and trying new things! Whether you’re doing a reinstall, creating a new seasonal look, or adding a pop of color, this is the best duo to keep you on track during busy season!

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